Use technology for good, not selfies

Technology being ever-present on my mind this quarter has left me with many ponderings and queries the likes of “how will I use technology in the classroom effectively?” , “ does it enhance or negate the lesson” and “how will I know the right time to use it in the classroom?”? And, so much more!
It’s this very concern that had me resisting the urge to go on a whiney rant sprinkled with “I miss the typewriter” and heavily layered resentment– mostly because my mom knows more about twitter then I do. While surfing the deep and dark depths of the inter-web , avoiding this blog post, I came across the YouTube video of Kid President.
His video was on how to use internet for good, not evil: kismet no? I was suddenly inspired, and laughing – because he is not only a precocious 4th grader, but filled with life and love of what he is participating in. This is something that got me thinking of encouraging my students not only to use the internet, ipads, twitter, facebook , etc. for good ( community involvement, learning enhancement , and connecting in a positive way to peers) and not selfies, or candy crush. Watching this, on the internet, made me realize I need to be looking at using technology as a tool to enhance all these things for my students. I still have much more to learn, and I am sure I will stumble along the way but whenever I feel down on the internet or technology I will just watch a Kid President episode to pick me back up.