Reflections : First Observation

This week i had my first official student teacher observation. This had me prepping for three days, reviewing teaching strategies , going over the lesson multiple time with my field teacher and of course occasional flash of “what if’s”. Of course i over prepared, and underestimated my self and ended the week feeling like hard work paid off. With reviewing and reflecting what i can do to fine tune my teaching strategies, I went over the whole process of the week in my head. I spent a week thinking about, planning and over preparing for one lesson. A forty-five minute lesson, that though ended in student successes and an accomplished feeling on my part , the fact doesn’t escape me that it was one lesson.
I know that I am a student teacher , still learning and always will be . But i am wondering how prepared i am becoming if all this preparation is an accurate depiction of what my life will be like next year in my own classroom. On one hand I am tempted to set a goal of shorter preparation for the next observation, but than what of all the thoughtfulness that went into this lesson? Yes, there is a way to balance time management with developing and implementing lessons ( notice the S at the end) for entire school days. But how do I keep the reflection and thoughtful preparation of knowing my student context, differentiation , testing new teaching strategies and curating engagement? The answer may lie within this post , and the challenge may be to find a time management style to accommodate this thinking. But until this shines brightly in my over head student lightbulb, I will continue to search through my reflections.