Half way to Full Circle

The beginning of my blogging began with the beginning of my teaching program. I was incredibly hesitant, dare I say frustrated with the prospect of “having to blog” (insert heavy sigh and eye roll). The first quarter was rough. I struggled to blog, the idea of having to blog on top of everything else required in my life only added to my developing discontent for it.
With two more quarters passing me by I surprised, however, to find blogging an effective tool for reflection. Blogging has become an outlet for my deeper thinking on some heavy educational topics. It has pushed me as a writer- something I normally feared in my coursework. The Blogs I look back on that show this growth is my first blog and my most recent. I can clearly see the style which I write change from a stiff formal platform to more relaxed and reflective. I am no longer concerned with length or if “I sound deep”.
This past quarter has been one of growth in terms of my commenting on my classmates blogs. The number has gone up and the questions and ponderings have strengthened. I love that I feel more confident to respond to a classmates blog, and relish when we actually communicate back in forth! I also find it incredibly helpful to read their responses and find myself thinking deeper on the questions I bring up.
As we have reached our half way mark for the program, I am excited to see where my blogging takes me in the next few quarters and beyond the program.
Happy Holidays everyone!


Early Bird is Late to Class

New month and new student teaching dyad placement! It has been exciting and a little nerve wracking transitioning from 2nd Grade to 8th Grade English/ Reading.

The most notable difference I have observed is how tired my 8th graders are coming to class. Droopy heads, sleepy eyes and postures that clearly say “I do not have time nor the will power to think, let alone LEARN about allegories this morning!”.

It is an incredible difference to my 2nd graders who bounce in with tales of the previous evening, questions for the day and skip and holler like they have just risen from a solid eight hours of sleep .  With the 8th graders however, they slough on to their desks and zone out until a classmate speaks to them or the teacher gets everyone’s attention- a challenge on its own right when the clock reads 7:25 AM.

It is no great mystery as to why I am seeing such huge difference in morning behavior, after 6th grade students attend class earlier. And the older the student the earlier class starts – which  we all know is not creating a productive learning environment.  This is nothing new, and will not change before I embark on my first year of teaching. My question is what can we do to best rouse the academic life lost within the students morning haze? I eagerly await your thoughts!