Final Push : Just keep swimmning part two

This post will be short as of most are during finals week! I am feeling a mixture of relief and excitement with the end of this quarter in sight. Excited that I will begin the adventurous journey of taking my placement class on full time as a teacher, and have begun the steps toward job searching. I feel relief that this quarter (the programs most taxing) will be over and that I have retained all the amazing knowledge and educator insights I have picked up along the way. I am sad to be leaving my cohort full time as we all embark on this last quarter. It seems we all just started our first day of class together , feeling that excitement of the unknown blossom into confidence that we are becoming teachers with the “ write stuff” ( pun so intended). I know this week will be exhausting and stressful for many but I want all my cohort members to know: YOU CAN DO IT! We are almost at the finish line and you are the most talented, kindhearted, accomplished people I have grown to know and love. Take care this possibly late night Sunday and have a fabulous Monday. And if you feel the stress turning into a snarky monster that might lash out at unsuspecting pesterer’s AKA our loved ones, just remember “ Teachers Have Class” .


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