Back at it, but much to do. ( Just keep swimming part one)

This week at my main placement had really helped me realize that i am picking the right profession. With taking on more reasonability, taking over lessons etc. I can feel the confidence building. With comments coming from peers,” wow you look great!” and from my field instructor, ” I love how happy you are while teaching- it made your students excited to learn and feel cared for” I can wholeheartedly say that i am in the right place and field placement. This feeling of peace, and excitement (though still very much hard at work) is such a brash comparison to my last couple of weeks on campus. With all the high stakes assignments and certificate requirements many feel bogged down with stress. And though we all are experience the same demands, it seems more difficult to carry all that joy and grit we have at our placements in our own training classrooms. With reflecting on this the entire week ” how come I am so happy at my placement school- even though we have the same if not more demands as we do on campus?” I still donโ€™t have an answer; I know that I do not want to leave my placement next week with these fabulous feelings to have them dissipate the following week. Some ideas I have come up with is carrying a notebook filled only with reminders of all the learning and care (and funny moments) that come up in my classroom. When I feel the stress building or frustration with a assignment this, I am hoping, will keep me smiling. Fingers crossed- I will know if it works in a week! Coming up with these things will help with my teacher training in the long run. What do you do to keep moral up and a happy attitude?


5 thoughts on “Back at it, but much to do. ( Just keep swimming part one)

  1. We get it. You’re standing on the threshold of this great new life, and there are still these last vestiges of your life as a student. You’re almost there. So close. I’m very excited for you and finding this work that make you so happy.

  2. This is a tough time and I also found myself becoming more and more worn out, stressed, and in a sour mood (to put it nicely) during the last two weeks we spent in coursework. I think the biggest reason that it is so difficult to go back to coursework is that we have had a taste of what we are doing this all for, time with the kids. It is just as much work and in most cases, more of a time commitment, but it is in the field you want to be in and working with the students is so rewarding. I will be right along with you pushing through the next time we are back in courses, but together we can finish up the coursework with our fabulous cohort-mates and get back to our beloved students in no time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It’s so hard to keep up that positivity that we feel after being in our teacher shoes! Being with our students and developing ourselves and our identities as teachers is definitely the highlight of our workload right now, I’m totally with you. I love that you are sharing how happy teaching makes you, I’m right there with you as well! Getting these tastes of what our lives will be like when we have our own classrooms makes it truly painful to leave and go back to being in our student seats. I’m trying to remind myself constantly that to get to where I want to be, I have to do this first-which should be obvious to me, but at the same time I find myself constantly falling into the “I don’t want to do this assignment, why can’t I just teach!” pit. Just a few more weeks and we will be able to be with our students all the time!

  4. I wrote a blog post just like this for this week! Looks like we are in the same boat ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so happy to hear about all your positive experiences in your main placement classroom. As “myroadtoteaching” said, just keep in mind that in order to get to where you want to be, you have to get through the hard stuff first! It sounds so corny, but the whole “eye on the prize” mentality really helps with battling any negative feelings and thoughts (well, that and coffee :)).

  5. This was the most perfect blog to read as I have put back on my “student” shoes and begin to face the reality of the things that have been piling up over the last couple of weeks. I really appreciate how thoughtful you were when writing this post. I am so happy for you that things at your placement are going great and you are feeling absolutely supported! These last two weeks have made me realize a lot too. I know that even though our “student” life is incredibly demanding right now, I know in the end our accomplishments will all be worth it. The stress of everything can sometimes get the best of us, I know it did for me in that two week stretch of course work. And frankly, I am still playing the “catch up” game for me letting the stress get to me. But there is nothing more than I would rather be doing than the learning I am doing at my placement! The time spent with the kiddos is great! They are why we chose to get started with this in the first place. So I think as we hit this last week of coursework and the frenzy of the end of the quarter, we need to keep in mind that in order to do what makes us happy- teach- we have to do the coursework. It is something I hope to instill in my students one day, that hard work really does pay off. We have all been working VERY hard and when you put your heart and soul into something, the stress seems to follow. But I think the stress is just another lesson to be learned and important to understand as we head into this profession. We are all about to do A LOT of growing up in the next 6 months with the completion of the program, interviews, and setting up our classrooms. And that all in its own is stressful!

    Thanks so much for writing this post! It has made me really start to think about the attitude I am going to have as we come back into our “student” shoes next week!

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