Post Holiday Post

The holidays are finally over and the school year feels refreshed and renewed with the new year! I am writing this post from my new iPad and iPad app Boggsy : part of trying more technology with school – so far so good!

I remember as a student i always loved coming back to school after the holiday (totally normal), I was excited to see my friends and loved that the school year was almost over! However, as i view this post holiday as a teacher I see things a little different through the teacher lens. I am neither refreshed nor renewed in the wake of the aftermath of christmas cookie and new year resolution devastation. I am exhausted and woke up monday morning wishing it was really sunday morning . My New Years resolution of starting off the new year incredible organized has been rough. needless to say that though it is indeed new year with bright educational beginnings my revised NY resolution is to be more fogiving to myself and students as we wrap our minds around being back in school. Happy New Year everyone.

Note: there is a picture of a great ideaof incorporating student voice in reading discussions but the students can write out their thoughts on paper and support those ideas while going around to different posters. more on that later 🙂



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