Finding Joy in Writing

example 2 - just as charming

example 2 – just as charming

A dear studetns letter

A dear studetns letter

This week I have been writing, writing and more writing. If I haven’t been writing I have been thinking about writing, yup it’s that time of year again: school work crunch before the holidays!
This past week I have been working on an assessment report focusing on a student’s reading and writing, coming up with activities and assessing them to see If I correctly identified the students zone of proximal development. With this in mind, I have also come to terms that if we cannot bring out the joy in writing then there are no point in teaching the “rules” of writing to them. As educators we face a multitude of concerns with a student’s writing journey, but if we narrow in on what is wrong and how to fix it we may forget to teach them to write what they love, or what inspires them. Looking back at my main placement, I flipped through some of my 2nd graders own writing they gave me ( I was the example for the first week of school as classroom star of the week !) Each week the students work on a personal letter to the star of the week, the first two sentences are devised as a whole class- and then they add their own thoughts and well wishes. This letter is worked on during spare class time throughout the week and comes with a personal drawing! I love this because this is writing at its finest; there is a purpose (star of the week) critical thinking (vocabulary, letter writing, punctuation etc…) and creative ideas (drawings and coloring- connecting images to meaning of words). This is all joy in writing- who would not love to get a booklet from your classmates, and who does not love sharing why someone is a good friend or how you love the color blue just like you? We need to keep the focus of writing activities that bring joy out of it- if the students love to write, the rest will fall into place.


3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Writing

  1. HelpMeHelpYouTEACH I am with you one hundred percent with you! If there is no joy in writing there is no real reason why kids ever would want to learn “rules” as you say. I think that there could be real joy in writing if we are not criticizing the students for how they write rather celebrate what they tell us and find the good in it.

    So what do you think of writing letters to our students to say goodbye?

    • I am with you there! I want to learn how to balance
      Teaching the tools of writing but not squander the creative process for students, I love the idea of writing letters to say goodbye! Would this be something you would do throughout the school year or at the end of your time with them?

  2. I love this post. I actually just finished reflective blogging about finding joy in writing, so this is really resonating with me right now! I completely agree with your last statement. If students love writing, the rest will fall in place. Their love for it will make them want to push themselves to be successful! It really is all about finding the right ways to implement the objectives we are trying to teach. It seems to me like falling into the habit of focusing on the negatives is a very slippery slope-so how can we be extra careful to make sure that this doesn’t happen?

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