Students Helping the Teacher

This has been a tough week for finding time to reflect. We all have busy lives, and life always finds a way to force creative solutions out of one. Yet, for some reason to tasks of school work, field work, and my family life seemed daunting and sometimes incorrigible. This feeling affected my mood, and my attitude. However, it did not impact my one-on-one and group interactions with my students.
I found myself reveling in their energy, and when faced with a sleepy unenthusiastic eighth grader – I found energy buried within to rally them the best I could! At the time, this observation or self –reflection went on unnoticed. But this weekend, during a peaceful ten minutes, I made this discovery: children, young and old, can bring out our best selves. Yes, I am speaking of all our students. The ones who show up on time ready to learn, those who show up late (for whatever reason ) , those ready to do anything but listen to you, and the many in between coming into the classroom with dreams, nightmares , bold questions and quick retorts.
It amazed me how quickly my own troubles faded into the back of my mind – and how sharp my focus went to the student or students in front of me. It was a good reminder, to me, that no matter the stress level in my own life I am able to focus on the students when in the classroom. This is an encouraging thought while embarking on this journey that is becoming an educator.


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