On Tuesday I experienced my first microteaching lesson. Working in a group comprising of two other classmates we came up with a lesson based around promoting positive image for sixth graders. The collaborative process alone was a learning experience,and for me, the first time any ideas /planning for lessons were to be acted on. Truthfully I was completely focused on the content and activities we had planned that I put the thought of how I wanted to seen as a teacher in the back of my mind. Overall the lesson was successful and I received some great constructive critique on the content /delivery (it was a learning experience after all). But what really made me happy was feedback from my instructor and peers on how my demeanor towards them as “students” was and the questions I would ask them. It made me feel confident in being on this path towards education. Connection with students and forging a positive relationship with them is important to me while guiding them though the learning experience. Though I have much more to learn and experience – this felt like a great start to my journey in the classroom.


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