How High Can You Jump ?

The end of the school week on Friday was one filled with intense focus, competitiveness and emotions strung high. I am talking about a relay race involving hula hooping and jump roping, and rhymes created by the various groups. My group came up with a dolphin rhyme to jump rope to (inspired by the dolphin card we picked). It was a fantastic reminder how everyone, old and young needs a little friendly competition and exercise to get you off the couch/out of the desk and re-start your brain. It made me think of how I would give my students a break that incorporated some exercise and working with others. Some of my favorites in class games I recall on are musical chairs, scavenger hunts and some spirited relays (for the classrooms that had an entrance to the playground). Not only does it burn off some mid morning energy, it also wakes you up post lunch. Making one more alert and attuned to a lesson to follow afterwards.


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