Teaching Through the Fear

Today was a day filled with microteaching presentations. Watching my peers put themselves in the “teacher shoes” made me feel very proud of them. It is nerve racking as a student teacher to present and teach a lesson to their peers, all the while knowing they will be assessed afterwards. I reflected later today that there is no need for us, as a group, to feel intimated or nervous to practice teaching. What is a better environment to take risks, try new techniques or lessons then one filled with teachers? We are being trained to effectively assess one another, with professional respect of course. And we also are inherently wired to be active participants in an activity and engage in the learning process. Which is why, I wonder, so many fear their first year of teaching? Or, presenting new lesson plans/curriculum to their students? I think we forget, with all the busy thoughts grasping at professional perfection, that part of the learning experience is the process. It is with the release of nerves, or the “what ifs”, that we can reveal our ever evolving teaching style, learn from our mistakes, reflect on constructive critique and rejoice in success!


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