Food for Thought

Recently, I have started keeping a food /wellness journal and the process is reminding me of other reflective tools I will be using as a future educator. At first I was very resistant, but forged ahead with it ( I won’t deny that I actually had to …because it is a school assignment!). The first couple of days I looked at my journal with resentment, but started to realize I did not want to write anything down because, insert dramatic gasp, I didn’t want to take a hard look at my eating, sleeping and exercise habits!
Though I eat relatively healthy and what not, I could improve on a few things. nothing extreme, but have developed some new goals like drinking more water, getting more sleep and trying to lay off the extra three cups of java. With this I have started to think what tools I will use to reflect on my teaching practice. It’s been an easy journey to keep a journal and record my experiences as a student teacher, but will I do this as a teacher? I am hoping to keep reflective journals, in some shape or form throughout my practice and not let personal insecurities or trepidation hold me back from looking clearly at the way I teach. However, if I can keep a food journal, I this will be possible.


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