Eating and Writing

Summer time for teachers can be simply divine. Warm weather, softer schedules, vacations, traveling and of course the biggest staple of summer: BBQ parties. With this come the ever present indulgences, of various beverages, hot dogs, burgers, ice cream etc.  Having recently attended one, afterwards I thought about what I ate and drank, and was conflicted, “how can it be bad for you if it tastes so good!” It did however; attune my thought back to how this affects our students. We, as educators, want students to be healthy, mind and body when in the classroom. There is no need to drone on about how proper nutrition is an imperative part in student learning, we know this. But what I did reflect on was how we can teach them to eat well but also that it is ok to have that ice cream on a sunny summer day? one way could be to share nutritional tools such as logging what you eat, drink and even go as far to log sleep and exercise.  I am also very mindful on focusing less on calorie counting but on overall balanced diet followed by proper sleep and exercise. The mind and body are interconnected; if one is out of whack it doesn’t take much to effect the other.  This summer I will be thinking about the effect ways to take care not only of my student’s wellness but my own. Staring with a food journal (note: day after BBQ) – bring on the cringe worthy self reflection! Painful now, but happier and healthier in the end!


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