Love to Hate , Hate to Love Middle School

TALThis American Life

This American Life had a great episode on what it’s like being in Middle School (6-8 grade)
It’s a great listen and gives you raw insight to what goes on in the mind of a young adolescent. Some is a good laugh, some heartbreaking and some cringe worthy moments (“no heavy petting at dances-what it that?”) that fill the tumultuous time that is Middle School.

IN Act 4 – they cover the issue of what student newscasters would like to report in school announcements vs. what they have to(Birthdays, pledge of allegiance, lunch, and school clubs news). But what happens when they get to report on their own observations of the on goings in their school? “Drama occurring with my best friends being gone-duces” or “trick-or-treating is for babies” and “my friend is depressed and always angry with me”. Some reporting falls into the “drama of middle school” category, but underneath their seemingly immature or superficial reports lies real issues that are easy to gloss over. These flash moments of the inner workings of the middle school mind are easy to miss – and I wonder how much we really misunderstand what they are “reporting” to us as educators, parents and peers.

It flooded me with vivid memories of my own experiences -reminding me that though changes in technology, fashion and media are ongoing year by year, middle school seemingly stays the same. A place we love to hate, and hate to love.


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