Blogging and Learning


With the start of my K-8 certification program a few weeks ago, I have already begun to change my thoughts on what the definition of schooling is and what it means to me to become a teacher. Before orientation for this program, my idea or vision of what I would look like as a teacher in the classroom was based on my own education. I am learning from class discussions that it was mostly “traditional”.

I know this will be a question throughout my journey of becoming a professional educator; I will ask myself why I want to teach when up late working on a school project, when I come across a burned out teacher, or student for that matter. I will ask this question many times as a student teacher, and during my career. I know it.

It’s a question I ask myself and it is hard to formulate a answer into words. That is why I loved our assignment of selecting five images to tell the story of why we want to teach. So to end my first blog musing on why I want to teach, it seems fitting to attach one of my five images. After all, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words.


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